What We’re Witnessing Is A #Revolution Not A #Resistance And It Must End

As a father, husband, businessman, taxpayer, independent voter and middle-class American, I am not alone in my fear that both the mainstream media and members of the Democratic Party are actively plotting and dangerously close to inciting a revolution across this nation with their unfounded rhetoric and hyperbolic political games. This must come to an end soon or the Redstones, Murdochs, Rhodes and other media families will be forced to learn whether their pens are indeed mightier than the swords which defend our homeland and our Republic.


This fear is not unfounded. It is a legit, palatable, uneasy feeling that reasonable men and women, and American families like mine, are having as we break bread, as we take our children to school, as we come home from work. And we don’t blame Donald Trump. We blame Greg Miller, Anderson Cooper, Dana Milbank, Andrea Mitchell and the army of radicals that the #resistance has assembled and mobilized. They are becoming household names for a reason, etching their legacies in the annals of history and I hope they realize that the average Joe, not the Morning one, is starting to pay attention. For them, their benefactors, those leaking information to them… we will not allow subversiveness to hide behind the same flag you would have us burn.


To Mark Warner, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others… we implore you to work with your counterparts and networks to tone down these divisive, unsettling, destabilizing threats and propaganda before it is too late for us all to maintain basic order. You have no idea the impact your allegations and threats are having throughout localities and the world.

Too many Americans have too much on the line to allow a sour grapes, psychologically twisted movement of ideologues and LOSERS to undermine and endanger the future of our country for such small minded, egocentric, ulterior motives.

I can guarantee the “progressives” right now that when push comes to shove, independents and the great majority of men and women in the United States will band together to ensure that your phony resistance, your war on traditional families, on religion, on capitalism will meet a very tragic end.

The hysteria emanating from the DNC, from CNN, from the Washington Post must be contained and corrected before we are unable to perform the basic governance of our institutions. These treasonous and unholy leaks, statements, insinuations are creating a vulnerability that this nation cannot afford.

Obama post election strategy Blame Russia start WW3

Jeff Bezos and other publishers, as well as “leaders” like Tom Perez should realize, if they haven’t already, that their ideas and agenda are on the fringes, and that if they are going to call the American people the enemy, than we will respond in kind.  Those young men and women, hiding behind black bandanas and their sympathetic parents will not be much of a first line of defense when we come to correct your mistakes.

I urge all of those in the #resistance, whether juvenile delinquents or juvenile parents and grandparents, to carefully choose their words, their friends and their alliances going forward before they back themselves into a corner from which there is no good resolution.

Let’s all work together to bring the temperature down and begin to model that positive behavior for our children and future generations.

Why I Gave Up Hope & Left The Democratic Party

The depth of this commitment may be summarily dismissed as the unfounded optimism of the average American — I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don’t make it, my children will. – Barack Obama, 1992

I hate to break it to you Jeff Mason, Scott Pelley, Andrea Mitchell, et. al., but it wasn’t a fake news article on Facebook that made me lose confidence, hope and trust in the Democratic Party. It wasn’t a campaign of embarrassing leaks that revealed Podesta, Thrush, Brazile and the rest of the hacks for who they really are … and it wasn’t wishy-washy Jim Comey either. I simply looked at the record of death, destruction and destabilization at home and around the world, from Mosul to Chicago, and realized the progressive liberal agenda had finally run its course. And if a political party doesn’t even have enough of a backbone to stand up against a few Berkeley anarchists and rally behind the 1st Amendment, it hardly deserves anybody’s vote.

I was twenty-eight when I first voted for Barack Obama eight years ago and threw an election night party to celebrate it. Like so many of my friends, I was absolutely convinced that we were helping change the world for the better. At that moment in time, in that man and his message, packaged and delivered seemingly so effortlessly (now worth 400K), I saw hope for a dynamic new leader and team that would work to heal the deep wounds left by the often drunken incompetence of the past two Bush administrations.

So horrified by the inept and careless games Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Paulson, Ashcroft and others had played with each of our lives and economic destinies, I knew my vote was going to the party promising change and a safer world. Having experienced what that change actually looks like over the past decade, I can admit unequivocally that my votes for Obama and the Democrats are decisions I profoundly regret.


As did so many of us, I blindly pledged my allegiance to this eloquent and charming figure mostly as a reaction to the bad taste left in my mouth by a political system that had failed us on so many levels. From Sidney Blumenthal’s rumor mill on Obama’s roots through to the paltry cries of Joe Wilson at the State of the Union, it seemed as if our Nation was regressing, and the common ground was eroding. Those undercurrents forced many of us independent voters to pause, look within and evolve. And from this soul searching and retrospect of the great American people, in the aftermath of the Iraq failures, came the historic election of Barack Hussein Obama.

In those first days, an overwhelming majority of us truly believed that we had begun stepping out of the shadow of our neoconservative nightmares and into a more mature, accepting, and less polarized future.

Today’s Democratic Party however, through its increasingly intolerant, incestuous and myopic lens, smugly regards families like mine quite differently than they did just four years ago. Many leaders of their flock brazenly and belligerently label us as bigots, racists and xenophobes when we are not in lock-step with them on any given detail of a forced and reckless totalitarian agenda. Behind closed doors of course, party elites, journalists and celebrities like John Podesta, Amy Pascal, Glenn Thrush, Donna Brazile and others eat their own, revealing themselves for what they truly are… narcissists with big mouths and very little character, legends in their own minds.


Yet the social pressures that these ideologues force upon the rest of us through their embarrassingly brash network of propagandists is not only unsettling… it’s phony, obnoxious and dangerous. It maybe hasn’t caught up to Amazon, the NFL or Disneyland’s sales yet, but their shallow, unprincipled Orwellian worldview is starting to become evident, standing out sorely in contrast to the shared values many Americans built their lives and a great nation upon.

Both parties have an extreme wing and we need to be weary of each. But here the pendulum must begin swinging back to the center to preserve the Union. The tolerance for the unapologetic, coordinated, and mean spirited assault on the Trump family is a sobering reminder of how far left we’ve drifted. The unmanageable anger, especially among journalists, is unprecedented and destabilizing. It says far more about the motivations, shortcomings and jealousies of critics like Glen Thrush, Susan Glasser, John Harwood, Rebecca Quick, Maggie Haberman, Dana Milbank, Sally Kohn, Peter Baker, Louise Mensch and other self-identifying hacks than it does about Trump and his deplorables. Their writings, Wikileaks and Twitter droppings will undoubtedly follow those authors to their literary ends.


Despite the mainstream media constantly insulting the public’s ability to reason, many of us feel entirely comfortable with our vote. We can honor Hillary Clinton’s job firsts and still find her to be a weak, corrupted, ineffective and unqualified candidate. The same applies to Donald Trump and has been the case all along. At least with Trump we have a press that actually holds its leaders’ feet to the fire instead of fawning over their every word, ignoring the contempt, censorship and pay-for-play shadow government built in its absence. After all, how is this Republic going to survive when journalists simply follow each Administration’s copy-and-paste orders? Allowing the media trust, or just a couple of CBS brothers, to craft a narrative that changes the nuclear game forever with Iran is the type of treason that would have William S. Paley turning over in his grave. From Judith Miller at the New York Times to the bloggers at The Atlantic, Matthew Yglesias at Vox, Jaweed Kaleem at the LA Times… the bully pulpit never had more obedient best friends.

ben rhodes

From the dishonest and negligent stewardship of our media to our markets, our fundamentals and our currencies has sprung most of our ills, tied inextricably to our moral compass.

It has left us waste deep in mismanagement, collusion and decline. Bailouts, entitlements, quantitative easing, government contracts, wars, phony derivative markets, zero interest rates and the manipulation of our employment numbers are not tools of a healthy economy, they are indicators and warnings that the ship must be turned around, that good men and women are needed to restore law and order.


Tough decisions, those which truly define character and great generations, usually involve sacrifice, not kicking a can down the road. And the greatest leaders are not afraid to make a political sacrifice, even at the expense of their own reputation, to show us the light and the truth. That has never been the path of the idealist.

On its face, the geopolitical world as influenced by the worldview of his Administration and Hillary Clinton was and still is an unmitigated, open-borders disaster. On the home field is a second set of strategies that have resulted in virtually no GDP growth, no wage growth, an explosion in entitlements, workforce participation rates in the gutter, violence in the streets, cops murdered, elders abused, schools failing, unmanageable bureaucracies, subsidized markets, looming debts and loan asset bubbles. That is, I believe what the “forgotten man, woman and child” is impacted by.

As a people, we again need to look inward and ask ourselves what we want from this world, from ourselves and from this country. We must stop blaming our own failures, the failures of our ventures, our political parties, our schools and our social programs on each other’s “privilege.” How can we hope to ever become a truly great society, like that of our Greatest Generation, until we begin to honor the values which defined it? Values like personal responsibility are what separate us and make the USA exceptional, not the color of our skin.

This is a merit based society and that in the words of President Obama… “is who we are.” When independents say that we want to take our country back, we’re specifically talking about liberty and justice for all hearts and minds regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. We want to liberate the American mind from the arcane mentality insisting we need government programs to solve each of our problems!

Independents believe it is time to move beyond the group-think and the faux-rage that has been artificially amplified by our shameless elected officials, special interests and their financial puppet masters. We all exhausted with the perpetually offended and the abandonment of common sense. For God’s sake, the Mayor of Los Angeles wants us to literally thank the cons for serving their time!

I’m a very different man than I was eight years ago, but one thing will never change. I vote for the person, not the party.

To The Children Of “The Resistance” From The Adults In The “Silent Majority”


You’re going to have to come to the realization at some point that you’re not rebels or underdog freedom fighters. You’re not symbols of altruism or concerned parents worried about the future. You’re not smarter than your parents, and you are certainly not overworked, underpaid, under represented. You’re disingenuous, you’re dangerous and you’re devoid of new ideas. You’re self-righteous, indignant, unaware of your great fortune to live in America and unfortunately naïve and ungrateful. And part of that is the fault of the Silent Majority, for not educating you properly, for allowing our belligerent fanatics and rogue academics to assault our cherished narratives, instead of instilling these strengths in each other as we used to. And as much as we admonish you, you are our brothers and sisters, but you are in the darkness because your deepest hatred is for yourselves, not for us, and not for Donald Trump. Please stop embarrassing yourselves and just ask for help.

Hillary Clinton’s Original Concession Speech (Fake News)

Here is a different version of Hillary’s 2016 election night concession speech that I think would have been just a little more helpful to unifying the country than the irresponsible path she, Podesta, Obama, Perez and other DNC leaders have chosen to take. A radical and unsettling approach that has polluted civility with vulgarity and planted seeds of #resistance now growing into violent protests and inspiring revolutionary rhetoric across the nation.

(take big breath and smile like you mean it)

Hello, everybody. I just congratulated Donald Trump on his historic win tonight and let him know that I wish him the best.

No doubt about it, this epic loss was devastating for me and my party. But I’m not going to blame anybody because the one thing that’s more important than anything, is the the gracious example I should set, especially for young girls. That’s the kind of person my Mom and Dad would have wanted me to become.


I failed to campaign as often and effectively as my opponent did and connect with voters with whom I did not agree or felt were low-class, or as I have come to regret… deplorable.  My message was not their message, it was one created by a think tank that was obviously out of touch with most Americans, electorally at least. I did not win and I am not perfect and that is okay. This loss has made me reflect and think about what should be most important to me, my family and my country.

After all, I painted my opponent as a sexist pig, but voters looked at my husband and quickly realized we were no better. Of course I have always been the brains behind Bill, but I did sacrifice my dignity for the possibility of power and should have seen it coming. The humiliation of debating in front of alleged victims of Bill’s assault was my Karma and it made me realize that I gave up the higher ground when I decided to stay with Bill.

clinton 1

To some women I will always be a hero, and to others, perhaps with slightly higher standards, I will always be… a doormat. And that’s not what the voters wanted. It sucked to have all of those nasty things said about me, but at least I didn’t end up in prison or something. I wish the new President luck, I congratulate him for humbling me (a lifetime gift), and hope I can learn from this amazing moment. And instead of being bitter, try to be more gracious and less consumed with myself.


Selling out that State Department like we did, and all the railroading of Bernie, the Russian Uranium deals, the email servers… all my arrogance and disdain for those who simply wanted answers… it was unacceptable and I’m truly sorry. A lot was going on, I was exhausted, I really don’t know what I was thinking.

I do love this country, at least I think I do, but it was wrong of me to pander to any group that wanted my endorsement in return for favors and I should have realized that. Had I just been honest with people I think things would have turned out different.

I think that most people by now realize that both Donald and I are often full of shit.  But I think it’s also clear by now that he’s simply a more successful person than I am, in everything he does. After all, he went from being a total novice in the brutal political arena, to defeating his own party for the nomination, overcoming blatant media bias and crushing me.

So, it’s time now for us to grow up a little, take off our little Intifada masks, let people speak their minds whether they agree with us or don’t, and stop blaming others for our own failures. We, and especially me, need to realize that the 1960’s are over, and kids need parents who tell them the truth about the world instead of a vision cooked up in their basement after a few drinks.


Only then will this country rise up and live up to its potentials, for all boys and girls, regardless of race, gender or special interest. As for me, I will continue to profit off of my name and campaign as is my God given right as citizen and capitalist in this wonderful country we call America.

Nanoo, Nanoo.

Intelligence Failures In An Era Of Ideologues

Whether you lean to the left or to the right in politics, or just prefer the happy middle like me, there are lots of issues that can keep you up late at night. Perhaps the one thing most concerning to many of us though, as we survey our professional landscape, is the evident lack of character, discipline and basic managerial experience of those we’ve put in charge of pulling the biggest levers, the ones responsible for keeping their mouths shut and protecting our most damaging secrets.

For a growing number of citizens and American families, these unelected men and women, while ostensibly educated and accomplished… according to their Mutual Admiration Societies, just don’t seem up to the task of handling complex national security matters, let alone leading on the global stage. This cabal’s almost Clouseau-like glaring incompetence, having been displayed so brazenly over the better part of the past few decades, is more than an embarrassment, it’s a direct threat to the security of our institutions, our children, our friends around the world and ourselves.

Like millions of Americans, I keep wondering… How did we end up handing the keys to our glorious empire over to such feeble minded “executives” like James Comey, Susan Rice, John Brennan, Ash Carter, Evelyn Farkas, Donald Rumsfeld, Loretta Lynch, Colin Powell and so many others?  How on earth have we continued to allow a culture of these hopelessly tormented ideologues to arise and preside over one security failure (9/11, Iraq, Bengazi, Syria, Snowden, San Bernadino) after another? Sure, between them all countless degrees, accolades and honors… but my God don’t their results speak for themselves? Grossly distorted capital markets, unimaginable poverty, endless proxy wars and socialism?

So, it seems while the rest of us capitalists were hard at work paying our taxes, while we were trying to provide for our families and just living our lives, we expected very little of these bureaucrats. We never imagined they’d be spending their time (and ours) so wastefully, developing such absurd and sinister plans and projects. I guess that’s what happens when you lower your standards… a totalitarian nightmare that starts with garbage in, garbage out.

It’s apparent by the flood of FBI, NSA and CIA leaks, and the incidents of unpunished espionage running rampant among this entitled class, that these men and women, these employees of the Federal Government, who work for you and me, have obviously lost total control over themselves and their agencies. They appear to even be unable to maintain even a modicum of basic order and secrecy within their own ranks. For the good and safety of the nation, can we really afford to remain so polite and patient with these individuals for much longer? Is this the best we can offer up as Public Servants?

I can’t pretend to understand the full range of pressures and challenges of the offices and careers of those I’ve ridiculed above, but I do have history and its canon of great men and women to compare them to. Even if we were to strip away circumstance and give them the benefit of hindsight, in large part these career bureaucrats are just unsuited, untalented and simply unqualified for the roles which they have been hired to fill. I can’t even imagine letting them run a Starbucks, let alone a State Department.

America deserves better results and needs to develop men and women of a higher caliber than the current stock. On some level this talent drain is a testament to the power of our Republic and specifically the hard fought spoils of World War II which apparently took almost 72 years to exhaust.

We forgot that these folks, like everybody, have an agenda. But failing to properly pre-screen our biggest guns is how we let guys like John Brennan (who literally voted for a Communist for President) become our top spy. When you think about the money that yokel spent on duplicating and losing NSA hackerware, to all of the twisted social engineering him and Ash Carter championed, and all the cash they all spent on training employees with no loyalty to the brand… it makes you realize that the USA really is still a land of opportunity.

It cannot be a priority of this country to worry about helping every dreamer with ulterior motives gain employment, can it?  It’s just not safe to empower applicants with such a lack of experience in rudimentary executive management skills and without a general understanding of human nature to run our most fabled institutions. Men and women with their minds in the gutter mustn’t be considered for positions that require them to honor and protect the principles upon which our Union was founded. The record is clear and we live and die by their results. We need competence and we need it now.

I’ve looped in Republicans like Colin Powell with the prior Administration to make the point that incompetence is neither blue nor red nor seemingly independent. Any person who ignores and manipulates intelligence, puts his fellow soldiers at risk and throws his nation into a quagmire like he did in Iraq, is about as close to a tool as you can find. Only a braggart cut from the cheapest cloth would be stupid enough, knowing everything they know about spy-ops, to think it was OK to write emails about his Redwood brothers and opine on his inner Gary Heart. From Powell to Petraeus, Flyn, Morell, and so many more, these benefactors of circumstance have wreaked havoc across the world. They are not heroes and their charity cannot begin to cover up their malfeasance.

We need to raise and elevate brave men and women who we can then trust to defend this country to the death, not play little chickenshit games with one another in Washington. We have countries with growing nuclear capabilities, complete with upset and unstable populations that for one reason or another are intent upon our destruction. Are we just going to sit here while vagabonds like Adam Schiff and John McCain try to start a new Cold War? Or are we going to get back to to the business at hand, destroying the Jihadist psychopaths in the orange jumpsuits who terrorize us all?

What side of history do you want to be on? I prefer the one that survives. I have property and children with big dreams and I’d rather not have them micromanaged by a team of sophomoric government salary grades.

If James Comey, Chuck Schumer, Jill and Andrew McCabe, John Lewis, Madonna and any of the other elected / unelected class out there think it’s wiser to spend the next four years on provoking Russia (instead of defeating ISIS) then we are truly a nation divided. And a nation divided simply cannot stand. The enemy does not sleep. Hope and change does not bring security and safety. Competence does.  But time is running out. The games and nonsense on both the left and the right must end before it shakes the foundation of the Union beyond repair.

The demands of this new era should serve as a calling card for our best and brightest, to follow the President’s example and and lend their expertise in the private sector to help the Federal, State and Local Governments around our country understand how priorities work, that operations must be managed efficiently and how to respect privacy in the presence of freedom. We must reaffirm our commitment to our founding principles in each generation, at the ballot box, in our houses of worship, among our communities and in our hearts and minds.

Oh Captain, My Captain

O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
Here Captain! dear father!
This arm beneath your head!
It is some dream that on the deck,
You’ve fallen cold and dead.

My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,
My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,
The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,
From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won;
Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
But I with mournful tread,
Walk the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

-Walt Whitman

Poem For A Madonna

She who hides behind the veil
Of peace and love and Auden’s wail
Is broken by the times that be-
unwavering in vicarious sympathy?
But those who ruled for decades past
have left behind a world aghast
As nuance left on Newspeak’s door
Alas the virgin
becomes the bore
But she is just the voice of one
an empty cry from kingdom come
Who danced but never understood
Truth was never bad nor good
So let the lady speak her mind
And threaten us with terror
She’s but a symbol of a lesser house
blown to bits in error.